I met God in the storm
Where He found me all forlorn;
And He put His arm around me,
And I thank Him for the storm.

I met God in the dark,
Where I wandered stiff and stark;
And He caught my hand to guide me.
And I thank Him for the dark.

I met God in defeat,
Where He followed my retreat,
With a vision of new conquest;
Now I´m glad of the defeat.

I met God by the grave,
Where He braced me to be brave,
But I failed and then He caught me;
Yes, I thank Him for that grave.

I shall meet God,
When the night overwhelms my flickering light;
Then He´ll lead me to the morning,
Far away from cloud and storming,
Where, I´ll praise Him for the night.

-Bishop Ralph Cushman


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Comment by T-Ralph

Yeah!!! God is working it out for me!!! oooohh!! I believe it! ...